International Development

As part of our International Development services we offer our clients the opportunity to strive in a foreign market.  From securing your copyright, through trademark registering and design patenting, to sales and marketing.

Having direct relationship with numerous importers, distributors and sales agents, we are able to increase your international sales with little to no effort from your part.




If what you are looking for is a factory to produce your product, or take advantage of an experienced, established, business infrastructure to generate your brand, Worldwide Services will put their specialized services department to work, in order for you to find the adequate business associate.  We will guide you through the process, in order to optimize your operations.


Trade Show Organization and Representation

Worldwide Services offers its clients our program of international trade shows at our client's disposition, where we could offer the opportunity to present our client's products in the main International Markets.

Our specialist will coordinate the participation in major food, beverage and Fashion industry trade shows around the globe, providing an integrated service which prepares our clients for the event, assures their participation and secures adequate management of all followups.


Sales Agent Sourcing


Market Research and Viability Studies



Thought the years, Worldwide Services' founders have formed strong relationships with different company owners and investor.  Now, we are able to offer our clients access to them.  If you have a special project, within your brand, or you just looking to start a brand, we sill help you with all necessary steps to present your new idea to an investor.