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World Wide Services was born in 2015, form the fusion of various companies dedicated to two of the most important sectors in the world, Fashion sector and the Food and Beverage sector.

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International Development

As part of our International Development services we offer our clients the opportunity to strive in a foreign market.  From securing your copyright, through trademark registering and design patenting, to sales and marketing.

Having direct relationship with numerous importers, distributors and sales agents, we are able to increase your international sales with little to no effort from your part.


If what you are looking for is a factory to produce your product, or take advantage of an experienced, established, business infrastructure to generate your brand, Worldwide Services will put their specialized services department to work, in order for you to find the adequate business associate.  We will guide you through the process, in order to optimize your operations.


Trade Show Organization and Representation

Worldwide Services offers its clients our program of international trade shows at our client's disposition, where we could offer the opportunity to present our client's products in the main International Markets.

Our specialist will coordinate the participation in major food, beverage and Fashion industry trade shows around the globe, providing an integrated service which prepares our clients for the event, assures their participation and secures adequate management of all followups.

Sales Agent Sourcing

Market Research and Viability Studies


Thought the years, Worldwide Services' founders have formed strong relationships with different company owners and investor.  Now, we are able to offer our clients access to them.  If you have a special project, within your brand, or you just looking to start a brand, we sill help you with all necessary steps to present your new idea to an investor.





Christian de Saint Roman

Half French, Half Spanish, Christian has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from The Univsersity of Seville, Spain, and has always had a passion for international trade. 

After working in the investment banking industry in Vienna, Austria, he decided to further develop is career in the United States where he lived for three years. 

In 2011, Christian built his first company, The Fashion Services, and later decided to create a similar company in the food and beverage industry. A few years later, after meeting the rest of the founders, Christian believed that it would be great to build a unique company that would provide services in more countries than his company already covered and provided such services for different industries. As such, Worldwide Services Corp. was born. 

Christian handles all of Worldwide Services' business in Europe and is the CEO of the Company.


Humberto Rivera, Esq.

Humberto has been an entrepreneur since a very young age, forming his first company while he was still in college pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Sciences with a minor in Business Administration. 

He sold his company in order to pursue his Juris Doctor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico. After passing the Puerto Rico Bar Exam and working as a litigation associate in Puerto Rico for several years, he moved to Florida to pursue a Masters Degree in Ocean and Coastal Law from the University of Miami School of Law, focusing on International affair, including Imports and Exports. 

Despite passing the Florida Bar and having a successful practice in Miami, in November 2011, Humberto decided to follow his passion in Business, creating his second business Worldwide Transactions Inc., which, among other things, has Imported and Distributed children's clothing from all over the world for the last four years. 

Humberto handles all of Worldwide Services' business in the United States and is the COO of the Company.


Juan Echeverria

Juan has been involved in international trade since 1998. He holds a BA on International Trade and a Master´s degree from the Universtity of British Columbia in Canada on Asia Pacific Economic Studies. 

His company, Autza International Services Ltd., established in 2008, focuses on the Food and Beverage Industry. Since its inception, Autza has specialized in sourcing organic products and alcoholic beverages, including sourcing for private labels in the alchol beverage industry, as well as asisting clients with their sales and distribution. 

Currently Juan handles all of Worldwide Services' business in Mexico, South America, and the West Coast region of Canada. 

He also serves as the CFO of the Company.


Tsunenori Hatanaka

Sunny has been in the Import, Export and Logistics industry since 2002. In 2012 he established UTSun Inc., to cater the Japanese, Korean and Australian market. 

Throughout the years he has been able to create a vast network that generate sales in those regions. Although UTSun Inc., focused mainly in the Fashion Industry, in 2016 it started catering the Food and Beverage Industry as well, while expanding to other territories in East Asia. Sunny has not only creating strong bonds with buyers in his markets, but has also created strong bonds with suppliers and manufacturers, opening the door for Private Label Sourcing in Asia. 

Sunny handles all of Worldwide Services Business in Japan, Korea and Australia. 

He also serves as the CMO of the Company.


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